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Grateful for Recent Acknowledgements

October 12th, 2016

Grateful for Recent Acknowledgements

I am very grateful for recent acknowledgments by two major professional painting software companies for endorsing my level of work meeting their quality standards and expectations.

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro has reviewed my body of work at the FFA URL, and determined the style and execution is such that I have been endorsed at the professional Affiliate status. Many of my recent paintings have been completed in part or whole using Sketchbook Pro.

Additionally, I have been approved for Corel Painter VIPS: Marketing and Communications status. My painting, Lighthouse at Lake Conroe, TX, was reviewed and gained me the Corel approval to represent their company at various venues, collateral print media, and web links. Corel Painter and I are old friends dated since use of software version 1.0. This software enables a skilled artist to use tools and techniques to emulate the natural/traditional painting world. The package is so deep and so wide, I encourage everyone to continue learning and experimenting.

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